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Journal Articles by R. C. Mitra

R. C. Mitra, Z. Zhang, and E. Alexov
In silico modeling of pH-optimum of protein--protein binding
Proteins: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics, 79(3), 925-936, 2011
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R. Mitra, R. Shyam, I. Mitra, M. A. Miteva, and E. Alexov
Calculating the protonation states of proteins and small molecules: Implications to ligand-receptor interactions
Current computer-aided drug design, 4(3), 169-179, 2008
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Conference Papers

R. Mitra, R. Shyam, and E. Alexov
Modeling Ionization Events iduced by Protein Protein Binding
APS Southeastern Section Meeting Abstracts, 2009
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