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Journal Articles by M. A. Miteva

Z. Zhang, V. Martiny, D. Lagorce, Y. Ikeguchi, E. Alexov, and M. A. Miteva
Rational design of small-molecule stabilizers of spermine synthase dimer by virtual screening and free energy-based approach
PLoS One, 9(10), e110884, 2014
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Z. Zhang, S. Witham, M. Petukh, G. Moroy, M. Miteva, Y. Ikeguchi, and E. Alexov
A rational free energy-based approach to understanding and targeting disease-causing missense mutations
Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association, 20(4), 643-651, 2013
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Z. Zhang, M. A. Miteva, L. Wang, and E. Alexov
Analyzing effects of naturally occurring missense mutations
Computational and mathematical methods in medicine, 2012, 2012
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R. Mitra, R. Shyam, I. Mitra, M. A. Miteva, and E. Alexov
Calculating the protonation states of proteins and small molecules: Implications to ligand-receptor interactions
Current computer-aided drug design, 4(3), 169-179, 2008
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M. A. Miteva, E. Alexov, and B. O. Villoutreix
Protein Structure Analysis Online
Current protocols in protein science, 50(1), 2-13, 2007
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M. Miteva, E. Alexov, and B. Atanasov
Numerical simulation of aldolase tetramer stability
European biophysics journal, 28(1), 67-73, 1998
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Conference Papers

Z. Zhang, V. Martiny, D. Lagorce, E. Alexov, M. Miteva, and others
Snyder-Robinson Syndrome: Rescuing the Disease-Causing Effect of G56S mutant by Small Molecule Binding
APS March Meeting Abstracts, 2013
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