Parameter files are updated for RNA/DNA calculation

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Parameter files are updated for RNA/DNA calculation

Post by lli5 » Thu Nov 03, 2011 10:39 am

Dear DelPhi Users,

The parameter files (crg and siz files) were updated to include parameters
for nucleic acids (RNA and DNA). It was done for Amber, Charmm and Parse
force field. Soon it will be done for OPLS as well. We attempted to make
these files less sensitive to the particular algorithm protonating
RNA/DNA, but be aware that there will be always exceptions. Typical
example are the names of hydrogens, which some algorithms assign as H5'2,
while others as H5''. Be advised to check Delphi output for WARNINGs of
non-integer charges and manually fix the names in the "crg" and "siz"
files. Let's us know so we can add in the distribution these variations of
atomic names.

For delphi development team, Lin Li

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